The managed Backend-as-a-Service solution
for game developers on every platform.

Take control of your live apps and games through easy and freely customisable features, while we take care of the back-end.

Data Intelligence

Build a lasting and loyal user base. Use APPFORMATIVE™ analytics and metric data to make informed decisions, drive user-acquisition and let your app changes be guided by your user needs and behaviours. Improve your store ratings by listening to your users. Get real feedback from your users from within your app.


React to changing needs and fine tune settings in your live app at any time. Be able to instantly roll out global changes after A/B-testing, without the need to publish an update. Keep your users engaged by in-app notifications and the triggering of special events.

Made for Ease

APPFORMATIVE™ takes the complexities out of analytics and offers you an optimised and focused feature set for ease of use and delivers actionable information. Furthermore, we take care of your server-side data, allowing you to focus your resources on front-end development.

No Barriers

Enable your users from different operating systems to compete and interact through Cross platform leader-boards or the sharing of levels. Allow your users to have a persistent game state between devices. By using an API driven approach, we give you total control and transparency over user data, avoid conflicts which often occur between different SDKs, and do not affect your app size.

Why APPFormative?

  • Privacy. We adhere to strict privacy guidelines and employ our own unique identifiers which do not relate to any user identifiable data.
  • Ease. Out-of-the-box solutions, easily implemented without the need to program or administer a backend database.
  • Control. Total control by only implementing the features you need with a few simple commands native to the development environment of your choice.
  • Compatibility. Through our API approach, we ensure compatibility across operating systems and between development environments.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality. Our standard is cross-platform implementation of all features, however, you may choose to segregate leader-boards, etc., by any criteria you like.
  • No need for bloated SDKs. We specifically choose to offer our solutions as an API, giving you more control and transparency, while avoiding possible conflicts.
  • No runaway costs. Our main goal is fairness to the developer. By managing our own infrastructure, we are able to avoid exponential usage costs.
  • We manage your data. With no need to employ data specialists or server administrators, you save costs and stay focused of creativity and frontend development.

App Analytics

With its powerfull backend, yet simple integration, APPFORMATIVE™ gives you as developers, using GameSalad® software, the needed insight into your users and sessions. Track engagement and retention, identify problems and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

A/B Testing

Optimize and fine-tune your apps by comparing user response to different layouts, color schemes, text or even difficulty levels from within the same version. Immediately set the desired variant for all users even before the next update.


Build triggers for future events and features into your app and activate them for all users remotely without the need of an update.


View user behavior in real time. Track installs, online users and test results as they happen.


Connect with your users through your app. Engage your players by informing them of discounted IAPs or upcomming in-game events.

Cross-Platform Leaderboards

Challenge your users by allowing them to compete globally or with their friends, regardless of their operating system of choice.

User Feedback

Avoid bad reviews by allowing your users to give constructive feedback from within your app.

Formatted Inapp Emails

Activate your users, allowing them to send personalised emails, and invite friends, directly from within the app via templates you provide, communicating your app in the best light.

Back-End Services

Control the collection of coins and time-sensitive game states from a central back-end.

Offline Timers & Anti-Hacking

Ensure an even playing-field for all your users by controlling sensitive game state variables through the back-end to prevent tampering.

When do users stop using my app?

Is my app lacking a tutorial? Are my iAP too expensive? Should I try a clearer menu layout? Is it just too hard? Analytics for GameSalad will give the answer.

Where are users getting stuck?

Is there a specific level that is to difficult? Is there a problem with a level? Do user reviews reflect what the analysis shows?

Are users coming back?

How frequently do users enjoy my app? Do I need to create better incentives? Do my marketing campaigns work?

How long is a typical session?

Do users play in short bursts or for longer sessions? Which advertising models is best suited for the typical user?

Register for free

Register and start implementing analytics for your GameSalad projects straight away for free. No credit card or subscription needed.

Mobile reports and peace of mind

View your reports and analysis anywhere, any time. Of course the reports are optimized for your mobile device. No contracts or subscriptions that tie you in. We give you the control in all aspects.

No third party dependance

Without the need of third party libraries compiled into your app, you stay in total control over the behavior of your app as well as the privacy of your users.

Anonymous data collection

Respect the privacy of your users without compromising the detail of information you need. You can collect usage patterns of users while assuring them that no personal identifiable information like device ids or specific location data is being transmitted.

Simple implementation

Simple implementation and maximum control. You control precisely which metrics and events are of interest in your app, as well as the frequency and level of detail to be analyzed.

Cross platform features ...

... for the Development tool of your choice