Optimize and fine-tune your apps by comparing user response to different layouts, color schemes, text or even difficulty levels from within the same version of your app. Then, immediately set the desired variant for all users, controlled through the APPFormative™ back-end, even before the next update.

A/B Testing - for GameSalad®

Prerequisite: The Basics & Extended Setup X

Step 1.

To define our A/B Test scenario, we will go to the "MY APPS" menu selection, choose our appropriate App and click on the A/BTest symbol on the right.

Step 2.

Here we give our current Test trigger a name and from the drop list choose "Running" as the current phase.

Step 3.

Making sure that we have completed the setup procedure in GameSalad as described in The Basics and Extended Setup, we now have the user specific A/B status as the game level attribute game.AF_ABStatus.

Step 4.

Inside our app or game levels, we can now use this game level attribute to create rules, presenting the user with one of two interface options, scenes, sounds or levels or difficulty, depending on the state of game.AF_ABStatus. It may have the value "A" or "B".

Step 5.

We can now define specific events in the game as decribed in Event Tracking, which we can latter reference in our analytics to pinpoint the results.