Best Practices - for developers using GameSalad®


Always wrap networking code in a timer behaviour. Timers spawn and run as seperate events in parallel to the rest of your code. This will insure that the network functions can complete unhindered and do not jam your normal code.


Always double check that your timers are set to "After" and not "Every". If your timers are set to run "Every" X seconds, your app will produce unnecessary traffic and be black-listed. No data will be captured from Black-listed apps and traffic will be discarded before it reaches the servers.


Although it is only necessary to call the "Network Get Table From URL" behaviour once at the start of your App to initialise values, it may be called at any stage in your app, as long as a "Network Send Table To Url" behaviour immediately precedes it and is immediately followed by an appropriate "Save Table" behaviour.


Please note that the URLs can be called with either the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. We suggest using HTTPS, both for more security of your data, as well as the upcoming requirements from the app stores.