Offer users the ability to introduce friends to your app, while they play.

Expand your user aquisition efforts by allowing your users to send HTML formated invites to friends via email.

Formatted Email invites from within the app, including images - for GameSalad®

Prerequisite: The Basics, a Gmail account.X

Step 1.

Go to "MY APPS" here on APPFormative™ and click on the "Email Setup" action for the appropriate app.

On the setup page, prepare the email template and enter the login details for your email service.

Subject Line - This will be the Subject of the email.

Image Link - Enter the URL to a marketing image of your app. The URL must be a direct link to an image on your website or blog.

Body Text - The main text of the email. You may include the "{NAME}" placeholder, which will be substituted with the name of the sender (as will be seen later). You can add basic HTML formatting like "<b>" for bold text, as well as links to your app on the different app stores.

Privacy Policy - The privacy policy will be added to the bottom of the email. A standard text has been provided, but you may alter it to your needs.

Email address or login name for your email provider - Currently only a Gmail account is supported. It is advisable for you to create a seperate email account for this pupose, as this email address will be visible as the sender, to recipients. Also note that the Gmail account needs to be set up according to these instructions.

Password - This is the password to your email provider, matching the login name above. Since we need to store your login details, this is another reason for you to create a seperate email account for this feature.

After entering the relevant details, press "Save and Test" to proceed.

Step 2.

On the testing screen, you may simulate and test the functionality by entering your natural name (as the sender, to identify yourself to the friends who will receive the email), as well as the name of the recipient and the email address of the recipient (yours for this test).

Follow this by pressing "Send a test email". If all went well, check your inbox for new mail.

If an error occured, confirm that your login details to your email provider are correct, that your Gmail accout is set up correctly, and that your image is directly reachable by the URL provided.

The setup on APPFormative is now complete. The following steps are the implementation in your app.

Step 3.

Add a new game level attribute as below, and enter the following URL:

Step 4.

Choose an appropriate place in your app where you would normally display social media buttons and add a "friend invite" button.

This button should lead the user to an in-app form, where they can enter their name (to identify themselves to the recipient), the name of the recipient, as well as the email address of the recipient.

Store these values in attributes.

Step 5.

Next, send the values to the APPFormative™ server with the following behaviors:

Create an "After 0 seconds Timer" to contain the behaviors, remembering to set "Run to completion" on.

Inside the Timer, create a "Change Table Value" Behaviour, choosing the game.T_Analytics table..

Row must have the value 1.

For Column 1, we will enter the users name, as captured in the previous step.

For Column 2, we will enter the name of the recipient, as captured in the previous step.

For Column 3, we will enter the email address of the recipient, as captured in the previous step.

Step 6.

Now we are going to drag a "Network Send Table To URL" Behaviour into the Timer. Pick the appropriate Attributes and Table as indicated in the image below. The Callback Attribute can be any integer attribute and will change to a value of "1" once the network send executed successfully.


It is important to test the functionality from within the app. However, please be aware that you can only successfully send a single email to one given recipient. This is to prevent users from spamming their friends.

Important Notice!

To counteract possible spamming by users, we have limited the sending of emails to one email per recipient. This means that a user can not send multiple invites from within an app to the same recipient.

Furthermore, to protect the privacy of the recipients, we only store a non-reversable pattern of their email address, this, for the purpose of the aforementioned spam-prevention.

It is strongly advised to show the user an image representation of the email which will be sent on his/her behalf. Alternatively provide a link to a representation of the email on your website, where the user may inform him-/herself about the content.

To comply with privacy policies, emails are not stored in a readable or decryptable form and will never be made available to you as the developer, or to any third parties.

We advise against offering in-game rewards, in return for invites sent. This is a dark grey zone and is likely to get your app rejected, especially on iOS.

Sample Email