Use the APPFormative™ Feedback System to avoid bad reviews by funneling unhappy users to a feedback system, rather then sending them to the review page to leave a bad review.

Getting the feedback first hand, allows you to identify aspects of your app which need improvement before they are posted to the public.

User Feedback - for GameSalad®

Prerequisite: The BasicsX

Step 1.

Add a new game level attribute as below, and enter the following URL:

Step 2.

Choose an appropriate time and place in your app where you would normally display a Rate button.

At this point, rather than sending the user straight to the app store to rate your app, ask the user whether he/she is enjoying the app.

If the user clicks "Yes", then send him/her to your app store rating page as usual.

If they answer "No", take them to a feedback form in your app and ask them what needs improvement.

Step 3.

Once the user has entered his/her suggestion, send the answer to the APPFormative™ server with the following behaviors:

Create an "After 0 seconds Timer" to contain the behaviors, remembering to set "Run to completion" on.

Inside the Timer, create a "Change Table Value" Behaviour, choosing the game.T_Analytics table..

Row and Column must both have the value 1.

In the "Value" Field, we will enter an appropriate feedback, as captured in the previous step.

Step 4.

Now we are going to drag a "Network Send Table To URL" Behaviour into the Timer. Pick the appropriate Attributes and Table as indicated in the image below. The Callback Attribute can be any integer attribute and will change to a value of "1" once the network send executed successfully.


You can now regularly check the Feedback list under MyApps for any new comments by users.

Analyse these and improve your app accordingly.


Do not statically display a "Rate" button on every game over scene.

It is more effective to let the user progress through a few levels of your game, then offer them the question whether they enjoy the game or not as shown above. Chances are, that you will have filtered out the users who came into the game with wrong expectation and who would have left a bad review.

Also, once a user has played a few levels, he/she is more likely to offer positive suggestions, even is they are not completely happy with the game.