In this section we will learn how to get the server time.

The server time is an alternative way to control time critical features of your app.

Getting the Server Time - for GameSalad®

Prerequisite: The Basics X


The behaviors outlined in The Basics have to be run once before the server time can be requested.

If the steps in the The Basics setup where followed as described, then the server time is reflected as the correct time for the region the user is in.

Step 1.

Add a new game level attribute as below:

Step 2.

Use the following behaviors to request the server time from the APPFormative™ back-end servers:

Step 3.

Upon successful request, the T_Analytics table will now have the following structure and contain a representation of the server time in two variations as follows:

In the first row, each portion of the date and time is given in a seperate column, without leading 0s.

In the second row, the whole date and time is given as a single string, single digit values padded with 0s.