The following additions to the setup will add the PRO functionality of gathering user metric data to your app. If you wish to implement this feature, please unlock the functionality here for your app.

Setup for metrics - for GameSalad®

Estimated time to implement: ~2 minutes.

Prerequisite: The Basics & Extended Setup X

Step 1.

Go to the Attributes Tab of your project. We are going to add the following game level Attribute:

- send_metrics_URL of type text with the value

Step 2.

Next we are going to open our AF_Start actor and add a new self attribute:

- fourthcontact of type integer

Step 3.

Now find your previously created Rule (C) and drag a new Change Table Value behavior into this rule, after the existing behaviors, adding the values as indicated below. Press the plus-sign on the right hand side of the behavior to add mode column entry options.

Lastly drag a new Network Send Table To URL behavior into this rule, again filling the values as below.

Your project will now send the corresponding metrics data, which GameSalad provides, to APPFormative™, expanding the reporting functionality.