Multiple Leader-Boards, to allow your users to compete, irrespective of their gaming platform.

Multiple Cross-Platform Leaderboards - for GameSalad®

Prerequisite: The Basics & Extended Setup & Multiple Cross-Platform Leader-Boards unlocked X

Sending the player's high-score to the back-end Leader-Board.

Step 1.

Add two new game level attributes as below:

Step 2.

Whenever a player beats his own high score, allow him/her to enter their name/nickname (max 16 characters), then send these values to APPFormative™ as follows:

As seen above, the third column contains a Leader-Board name of your choosing. This name should be no longer than 24 characters and not contain any spaces or special characters.

Retrieving the Leader-Board from the back-end server.

Step 3.

Create a T_Leaders table with 10 columns, each of type text. This table will receive the list of players on the Leaderboard:

Step 4.

When you need to display the Cross-Platform Leaderboard, request the leaderboard from APPFormative™ as follows:

Please note the Parameters included in the URL:

LS is the number of top Players you wish to have returned from the Server. Keep this number low to conserve network usage for the user. A list of the top 10 or 20 Players is usually quite acceptable.

LB is the name of your Leader-Board (here represented by AAAAAA) as sent when posting the score. Remember, this may not contain spaces or special characters.

Step 5.

The T_Leaders table will now contain a list of the top 20 players, their name in column 1, their score in column 2, starting on row 2. Please note that row 1 contains control data which is not part of the leader-board list.

You can use a "Loop Over Table" behavior to cycle through the table and display the Leader-board.