Insights through Analytics

Users constantly surprise us!

We may underestimate their skill when designing difficulty or overestimate their intuition when presenting them with challenges.

Either way, users often display usage patterns which we could not anticipate and may have a direct impact on the profitability of your app.

Gaining insight into the behavior is crucial to fine-tuning your app and choosing the right monetisation model.

Feature Flagging and late Rollout

Control features like daily events or incentives in real time, preventing users from gaining benefits by clever manipulation of the device-time for early access to self-replenishing consumables.

Activate features when you choose to precisely coincide with your marketing or promotional events.

A/B Testing

Finetune your apps in an iterative process. Test different interfaces to different user groups from within a single build.

Fix the desired variant remotely for all users of your live app, while an official update is developed.