Technology Partners


With over 20 years of experience in the online and mobile markets, the moxiteŽ team designs leading edge solutions at the intersection of databases, communications and operating systems. With substantial experience in the field as well as the recognition of many customers' frustration about expense and inflexibility of their data and mobility solutions has lead us to develop a product suite, that - like a 'passe-partout' - serves as a simple and cost efficient solution to integrate and mobilise any kind of structured data that requires no programming and no investment in hardware, and that can operate in almost every legacy system.

Following this objective moxiteŽ has focused from the very start on the key customer benefit of mobility - just relevant information. We have consciously aimed at not designing a tool for mobilising complete applications or entire databases; "open standards" have been strictly avoided throughout the entire system. Following these rules we have succeeded in creating a fair value solution that can be applied in a broad spectrum of situations and offers highest security standards.

The patented moxiteŽ-Technology is a highly scalable method for replication of data from diverse and geographically independent data sources, greatly reducing application development cost and effort for the multitude of stationary and mobile devices, while ensuring the maximum in data security and optimised data transfer.

Hopscotch Entertainment

Hopscotch Entertainment specializes in mobile games and apps for the iOS, Android and Windows8 market. The apps we offer cover all age groups and fields of application. We aim to adhere to the highest standards and fair conduct. First and foremost our goal is to entertain you.

For custom business or mobile marketing apps, we offer you an all round package from concept design to post-launch marketing.

With our in-house team, and in collaboration with various trusted partners, we offer a rounded support and service stucture, aiding you in all aspects, from art and design, music and sound, your corporate identity and branding, up to online and social marketing.